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Trying to conceive a Boy or a Girl? GENDERplanner can help!

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May 29, 2020

Digital Gender Predictor

Simple and easy to use

How Genderplanner test works in just 2 simple steps

Find out if you are ovulating

Step 1 - Ovulation

Use our ovulation calendar or take an ovulation test to find out if you are ovulating.

Ovulation Calendar

Perform the test

Step 2 - Use GENDERplanner

Insert Genderplanner device into the cup with the collected urine to display your result.

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Where technology and science come together

Predict the gender of your baby with digital GenderPlanner device!

Trying to concieve

One of a kind digital Genderplanner gender predictor device is now available for personal use. Innovative technology allows to receive clear LED light results in just seconds.

Predicting the Gender of your future baby is Fun and Easy


I purchased Genderplanner test and conceived when it predicted that we would have a boy. I loved how easy it was to use the device, and how cool it predicted the result by lighting up in pink or blue color. I just had my 21 week sonogram and they said it's definitely a BOY!!! Your test is amazing.

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Use digital Genderplanner device anytime in the privacy of your home.

How it works


Take advantage of our affordable price and rental options.

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Receive clear digital LED pink or blue color results in just seconds.

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Perform simple steps to predict if you will conceive a boy or a girl.


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